Origins                                                                                                                                            Musician, Public Speaker and Writer, JM Wizenne was born in Marseille in the 70’s. Perfect example of a complete artist, Wizenne has always combined life personal experiences and Art.  
It is inspired by Jeff Beck, Blackmore and Van Halen’s performances, that Wizenne’s guitar playing rapidly generated an outcome in which melody, rhythm and virtuosity constitute a permanent core.  
After playing with several Heavy Metal local bands in Marseille, and after finishing his classical music studies in the town conservatory, JM Wizenne moved to Los Angeles where he composed contemporary classical pieces for many ensembles such as world known « Lafayette Quartet ».  
It is also during those Los Angeles years that Wizenne’s encounter with world known Blues Player Wolf Mail gave birth to a deep friendship.  

The Kyosaku project 
Restless traveller, Wizenne decided to settle back in France in the late 90’s, and combined his different experiences in World Music and classical with Progressive Rock in a band named Kyosaku. Concentrated on touring on the national level, Kyosaku also recorded with world known sound engineer Daniel Lazerus (Mike Oldfield, Seal).  

After 10 years in Paris, where he worked as a composer and arranger for documentaries, Wizenne was back on travelling for new inspiration sources.  

The Medicine Groove trio project  
After many years of trips and stays within the Sioux Lakota people on the Rosebud reservation (South Dakota), Wizenne put together Medicine Groove trio, a blend of radical Rock, tribal Chanting and subversive texts in English and Spanish. It is as Composer, Guitar Player, Vocalist and traditional Flute player that Wizenne recorded the album « For Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance » in march 2015. David Jacob from the french rock band TRUST (Antisocial) performed the bass, recorded and produced the album. Greatly review by Canadian media such as, the band gave many concerts in France and Quebec.  

Wizenne today 
Today, JM Wizenne decided to combine his different influences in a blend of Ethnic, powerful Rock and guitar solo performances. He is currently touring in Quebec and France.  
A good summary of JM Wizenne artistic identity is perfectly expressed in his answer to a radio journalist in Canada, asking him to define the reason of his triple field of action, Music, Conferences and Writing : « Chomsky for the mind, Lemmy for the soul, and myself for whatever this strange combination brings out… »